This workout is in a continuation of the Gama Cast Workout series aimed at building and strengthening the shoulders, core, lats, and arms. If you’ve been following the Gama Cast Workout since the beginning, you may feel the need to switch it up from the heavy grind and get back to the fluidity of centrifugal training – for a bit. You’ll be doing heavy Gama Casts at the end of this one, too! Perform the 1H Halos with good form and use a light enough club to maintain good form for 5 sets of 8, but heavy enough to provide the traction effect when performing the transverse swing in the rear. After finishing the Halos, load your Adex Club to perform 2H Gama Casts in a 5X5. This will break up the grunt work with some smooth movement and get in some healing goodness.

Basic Calisthenic Warm Up
5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Baby Pose
Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge

3 Sets X 20 Reps Each Side Mace 360’s 0r Club Halos

Workout – ALL LEVELS
5X8 1H Halo
5X5 2H Gama Casts