The 2 Hand Mill is an exercise that many steel club users have problems due to over complication. Don Giafardino from Adex Adjustable Maces & Clubs explains how to perform the 2 Hand Mill like a champ! Watch the video for tips.

This steel club exercise is great for targeting the abs, shoulders, and triceps developing overall strength and conditioning. The 2 Hand Mill is excellent for all athletes, especially Mace Competition Athletes and Kettlebell Sport Athletes to build stability, core strength, and range of motion in the shoulders and spine. This advanced exercise is made up of 3 separate exercises. Start with a 2 Hand Side Swing into a Crossbody Clean, into a Halo or Shield Cast and cast sideways to repeat. This  one of the most confusing moves among club and mace training enthusiasts.

Don is using an Adex Arc in this video, which is a longer steel club. The Arc adjusts to 10 settings and is shorter than the Adex Competition Mace which allows for more ground clearance and a wider range of exercises. All Adex gear uses the same Adjustable Weight System that Change by Hand. No tools to fumble with or lose while training . Make faster gains by adjusting the weight up or down. This feature allows greater versatility for the trainee.

Why Are Adex Clubs & Maces Adjustable?
Perform strip set, ladder, drop set, pyramid style, etc workouts using just one Adex Club or Mace! All of the Adex products adjust in small 2.5lb increments. We have found this be more user friendly than 5lb jumps that fixed clubs and mace sets offer. This feature will allow the user to train both for strength and cardio using just one tool. Simply change the weight and change the tempo of your training. Adex Products are Made In America. Patent 10166428. Adex is a Registered ® Trademark.

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