ADEX Club Front Squat Breakdown - Adex Original Adjustable Club

Give Mace and Club Front Squats a try in your next lower body training session. These are great for strengthening the legs, and for both real life and fitness training. Using a club or mace to perform your squats can improve form for barbell squats or strongman type lifts. For building a great squat, or as an additional exercise to add to your club and mace training, begin by holding the club or mace resting on a shoulder then work on your leg and hip form. As your form improves, squat with the club/mace upright but close to the body working on keeping the torso upright utilizing core stability. Once that form is good, begin pressing the club/mace away from your body until full are extension and an upright back is achieved. If you’re trying to improve your barbell squat or build strength in the core, begin the same way as described above.