Keeping in Theme with the Original Gama Cast Workout, we are still building strength, power, and some size in the shoulder area. Take note of the new exercise introduced here, the Twist Front Swing. Use the rotational power from your shoulders to swing the club upward. Watch video above for the movement.

Basic Calisthenic Warm Up
5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Baby Pose
1 Min Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge

Beginner/Intermediate Workout
1 Hand Front Strikes 4X12 each side
1 Hand Side Swings to Clean 4X12 each side
1 Hand Side Strikes 4X12 each side
Gama Halo 4X8 each side

1 Hand Halos 4 X 12 each side
1 Hand Mills 4 X 12 each side
Twist Fr Swings 4 X 15 each side
Gama Halo 4 X 12 each side

Finish Strong Conditioning
Anyway Possible (any rep scheme that adds up to 50)
Rx Men 20lbs/Women 15lbs
50 1 Hand Alternate Front Swings