Life can sure get monotonous at times, thats for sure. The routine can get extremely boring at times. Especially the plight of modern people stuck in a career where they feel as if they are racking up years and wasting away in the cubicle, behind the wheel, behind a computer. Trying to get in front of something is something that many try to do. Whether it is preserving ones health or preventative maintenance why not incorporate both into a physical regimen that can be exciting and takes a little bit hand eye coordination that is seemingly becoming a disconnect in our technologically saturated universe, not metaverse yet.

As for what the future holds. I hope to see y’all in the metaverse but until that time we are staying firmly grounded in the present and cannot allow our physical being to waste away. As far as using your body; if being physical isn’t a requirement for your career its benefits can be beneficial in many different aspects of life. (Yes this is where I become very generic) The health benefits go beyond physical they touch on mental health as well. Endorphins and brain stimulation to exercise your brain outside of its comfort zone. Hormone stimulation and the added physicality of your being can and will make you tougher. That is so necessary in the current time when it seems as if more people are going “soft”. So pick up an ADEX Club and get a few reps in. Throw it in your truck and get some reps in on break. Be unashamed in who you are and what you want.

Sebastian Sultzer