A few years back I was searching for an alternative way to train my shoulders. I ran across a website with a video similar to this on using Indian Clubs. My shoulder pain was increasing and it looked like a good method of rehab. Getting an exercise club or Indian Club would be the next step. My searches led me to expensive individual steel clubs which a trainee would outgrow in a short time. I didn’t want to get caught up in a constant buying cycle. 

Trying to remedy both my shoulder and purchasing a club set, I began experimenting with adjustable dumbbells loaded on only one side. They worked, but more than once a weight caught my head or shin and the grip was much too short.

Phase two saw a more progressive, yet dedicated design. I used an aluminum T-ball bat for a handle and devised a system to add regular weight plates into it. It was OK, but awkward because of the width of the plates and the balance felt dangerous. On to the next design and the next until the original Adex Adjustable Exercise Club. Adex stands for ADjustable EXercise…. and here we are!

I hope that everyone who uses an Adex Adjustable Exercise Club enjoys it to the fullest. I’ve put a lot into this product, I am excited about it, and I guarantee it for life. It is American made by local craftsmen right here in Deerfield Beach, Florida!
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Thanks for reading my story,
Donnie Giafardino