The Weight of the World Episode 1 with Big Mike Marcus.

His battle with his weight is heroic, but wait til you see how he trains and prepares himself for athletic competition. Follow along with Big Mike Marcus as he shares his weight loss journey with the World. Think this is just another fad Dad-Bod diet? He has weighed over 500lbs! Big Mike has already lost over 120lbs in 18 months using an unusual, ancient training modality in the gym while preparing for an upcoming athletic competition.

Big Mike wants to inspire others to begin or continue their weight loss program.
We’re going to get a look at a real world man who has gotten tired of being sick and tired. He watched as his parents and other family members, passed away from the complications of being overweight. Mike felt it was high time to rescue himself and began on the road to rebuilding himself into a more mobile and healthier human being.

Giving viewers insight to the upcoming athletic competition that he is training for is part of Big Mike’s motivation factor to get other overweight people involved in a sport they can do. Mike is not only an athlete but also achieved his Level 1 MaceFit Coach Certification this past year. He coaches and trains at Barracuda Fitness in Deerfield Beach FL.