steel maces

Steel mace and steel club endurance and cardio work is easy to do. To begin, choose 2 exercises that are big muscle movers such as squats, front swings, 360’s, or 2 hand mills. Lighten up the load so that performing one of those exercises for 50 reps is obtainable. Now, go for it! As soon as you get to 50, change the exercise, preferably without resting (rest if needed) to the next exercise for a count of 50 reps.  If more exercises are need to increase variety or specific areas need to be trained, add those in. Beginners should try to move continuously for 10 minutes, advanced try for 30 minutes. Fire breathers set your timers at 45 minutes. This is a great time to focus on good form and better those patterns. Be sure to have plenty of water nearby.

Steel club and maces offer an alternative for those who have issues with running or who just don’t like to. Many trainees who don’t have the ability to run can get in the necessary endurance work with steel club or steel maces. This is a welcome alternative for many because, if need be, the upper body can be isolated to stay away from injuries with the legs.
This opens up a whole new area for those with the inability to train their legs due to physical issues. Another benefit is the constant moving of the arms overhead when training upper body dominant exercises to increase the challenge for the trainee. Add to that goodness the fact that Adex Clubs & Maces Adjust to have the best weight choice for the user!

Why are Adex Steel Club & Steel Maces adjustable?

Perform strip set, ladder, drop set, and pyramid style, etc workouts using just one Adex Club or Mace! All of the Adex products adjust in small 2.5lb increments. We have found this be more user friendly than 5lb jumps that fixed steel club or mace sets offer. This feature will allow the user to train both for strength and cardio using just one tool. Simply change the weight and change the tempo of your training. Adex Products are Made In America. Patent 10166428. Adex is a Registered ® Trademark.