This video is an Adex Club EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout with Heavy Front Swings and Hanging Knee Raises.

General Warm Up

5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
2 Min Elbow Plank
1 Min Side Plank
1 Min Side Plank
30 SecChild Pose arms forward + back
30 Sec Back Bridge


Perform this alternating between the heavy club swings and hanging knee raises (HKR) for 30 minutes – 15 sets of 10 Club Swings alternating between 15 sets of HKRs Every Minute On the Minute.

Suggestions – Club Weight for 2 Hand 35lbs men, 20lbs women. 1 Hand 25lbs Men, 17.5lbs women.

This workout will hammer all of your core strength PLUS get those Posterior Chain Muscles working hard like Nature Intended them to be used!