The Front Swing is the Base of the Basics in Heavy Club Training. If you want to get your fitness to the Next Level, ‘Ad-In’ Club Training! Here, Donnie displays how to do a Front Swing while highlighting the Important Cues keeping it a Safe and Highly Effective Fitness Movement. Want to boost your Deadlift? – Insert Heavy Front Swings. The Front Swing is capable of providing a grueling training session on it’s own! Feel the Torque as the Club Comes ‘Alive’ Making It One of The Most Challenging Fitness Tools That Offers Fantastic Results – Even for Newbies. As with all exercise, Club Training Exercises Can Be Learned Easily With Practice, Especially Under the Eye of a Conscientious Professional Trainer. Discover Why This System Has Survived Over 2000 Years. Keep an Eye Out for future tutorials and events presented by MaceFit. There is lots more to come! Try Club Front Swings when doing Tabatas, 300 Swings, Mix them in with Rowing, Pull Ups, or Running – the Choices are Endless. Check Out macefit.com for More Information on Club training Programming

Try Club Front Swings when doing Tabatas, 300 Swings, mix them in with Rowing or Running, or Simply Bust Them Out Anywhere! Adex Clubs and Maces are Adjustable to 10 Individual Settings Safely and Quickly by Hand, A Complete Set in One Unit – No Tools to Fumble with when fingers are sweaty or trembling from a super tough workout.Check Out Adex Club’s Ad-On Kit to Up the Weight 8 More Settings to 45lbs for the Clubs and 50lbs on the Maces. Adex Clubs and Maces are Made In The USA with US Sourced Materials by My Neighbors in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Get Strong! Buy Our Gear.