Enjoy better movement and help ease aches and pains.This heavy club fitness training video is about the Crossbody Side Strike. A great exercise to do to not only build strength but mobility and stability in the shoulder – particularly with internally rotated shoulders that many people suffer from. The Crossbody/Side Strike is an Intermediate Skill Level Movement which Requires the Student to be proficient and comfortable performing both Heavy Side Cleans with a pause, Crossbody Strikes and Heavy Side Strikes. Check out more Adex Club tutorials on our YouTube Channel. This is an excellent move for Heavy Bench Pressers, Bodybuilders, & Powerlifters who Feel Bound Up After Chest and Shoulder Training.

Being that this is one of the ‘heavy’ movements, load up your Adex Club and begin with 17.5lbs for men, 12.5lbs for women, or grab ‘any brand what ever you have club’ and do lower volume sets and reps when training, i.e; 5X5 or 6X8 formats. for women to get the balance and feel for the move. Remember that you are abruptly stopping or ‘sticking’ the move in either the end of the Crossbody Strike/Crossbody Clean AND the Side Strike/Side Clean position so this takes some practice. Be careful not to tax the elbows too much during these movements and be sure to relax the grip as you become more adept at performing them.

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