This video is about What is Mace Ladder Training. Get your Macework dialed in with ladders. Begin with a light weight and build up to the heaviest weight you or the client can handle for multiple reps. Here, Donnie begins at 15 pounds for 10 reps and increases 5lbs for each set until reaching 45lbs and then again the 45lbs until it descends back to 15lbs in 5lb reductions. Being adjustable, Adex Maces are perfectly suited for ascending/descending mace and club work.


Basic Warm Up
5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Baby Pose
1 Min Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge

All skill Levels
Begin with a light setting of 10 reps
and increase the weight, climbing each
the ladder, 2.5 or 5lbs until
a desired heavy weight can be performed
for 2 sets, then proceed back down the ladder.
10X 10 reps
15 X 10 reps
20 X 10 reps
25 X 10 reps
30 X 10 reps
30 X 10 reps
25 X 10 reps
20 X 10 reps
15 X 10 reps
10 X 10 reps
Good Luck!