This is the perfect Mace competition and upper body training workout combo! Donnie’s Adex Adjustable Mace is set at 25lbs doing 10 to 2’s split by Static Hold Rotations. This exercise combo is great for upper body strength and core stability.

Begin in front, perform one half of the 10-2 and be sure you are ‘sticking’ the mace at the midline. The side that the drop is on is the side that you do the Static Hold Rotation on. Stand tall, heart high, arms long in the ‘catch’ or bottom. Keep the mace traveling in the corridor and head upright – check my side view.

This builds great balance and control of the mace and reinforces where you place it in a catch. Perform these with a lighter weight than normal 10-2 training weight for 100 Reps (1L & 1R = 1rep). 100 is the approximate count for a five minute competition flight and a great number to work to for general conditioning.