My Top 3 Club/Mace Exercise Playlist - Adex Original Adjustable Club

by Don Giafardino

I get asked what my favorite mace and club exercises are, and while there are so many good exercises to choose from, if I had to narrow down my favorites, these would make the top 3 list;

1) The Touch and Go
This exercise requires a bit of coordination plus the skills to execute a proper mace launch, a crossbody toss, and a solid 360 from a moving start. It is both done for endurance, and strength building. I have done this up to 75 sets of 4 reps with .30 rest between and also with a heavy mace using a 5X5 strength protocol. This is a solid move and should be incorporated into every mace athlete’s regiment.

2) The Inside Mill
If you’ve trained with me, or just know me, you know I really like doing mills. This is short and sweet, but “how much do you mill, bro?”

3) The 2 Hand Gama Cast
Solid shoulder strengthening, muscle making, heavy metal, cranking out reps, killing it with a puddle of sweat on the floor. Gama Casts will make you freaking strong and supple. Do them nice and square. This is my all time favorite club exercise.

And there you have it, folks. My top 3 Club and Mace Exercises. Swing often, swing heavy, and don’t forget to sign up for the Adex email list below or to the right >