by Don Giafardino

I get asked quite often what my favorite steel mace and steel club exercises are, and while there are so many beneficial exercises to choose from, these would make my top 3 list;

1) The Touch and Go Steel Mace Exercise

This steel mace exercise requires a bit of coordination plus the skills to execute a proper mace launch, a crossbody toss, and a solid 360 from a moving start. It is both done for endurance, and strength building. I have done this up to 75 sets of 4 reps with :30 rest between and also with a heavy mace using a 5X5 strength protocol. Be sure to choose a mace weight that you can handle well for the amount of work you want to do. This is a solid move and should be incorporated into every mace lifting athlete’s regiment.

2) The Inside Mill Steel Club Exercise

If you’ve trained with me, or just know me, you know I really like doing mills. Performing both the Inside and Outside Mill will develop bulletproof rotator cuff muscles. The difference between the Inside Mill and the Outside Mill is which direction the shoulder is driving the steel club toward – hence the Inside Mill is done by pulling the club over the shoulder while the Outside Mill pushes the club over the shoulder. In other words, they are the opposite of each other. Every athlete or working person who does physical labor needs clubs and maces in their lives to keep their shoulders healthy. According to the CDC, shoulder injuries account for more than 50,000 injuries per year. Most of those cases are due to occupational hazards that could have been avoided with some proper shoulder exercise care. Be sure to choose a steel club weight that you can develop the pattern with as it is a higher level exercise. This Mill strength synopsis is short and sweet, but “how much do you mill, bro?”

3) The 2 Hand Gama Cast Steel Club Exercises

The Gama Cast is thee solid shoulder strengthening, muscle making, heavy metal, cranking out reps, killing it with a puddle of sweat on the floor, ultimate steel club exercise! This is one of the simplest steel club exercises to perform and will set the trainee up for more complex movements such as the Inside Mill (above) and Steel Club Halos. The Gama Cast was named after the famed Indian wrestler, The Great Gama a world renowned figure in the martial arts arena. Performing Gama Casts regularly will make you freaking strong and supple. Perform them nice and square and robotic – just like the dance from the 70’s. This is my all time favorite club exercise, and with a few tries, it’ll be your’s too. 

And there you have it, folks. My top 3 Steel Club/Steel Mace Exercises. Swing often, swing heavy, and don’t forget to sign up for the Adex email list to get more useful and fun steel mace and steel club information.