July 23, 2018
The Premier Adjustable Weight Exercise Clubs & Maces
Fixed Clubs Vs. Adjustable Clubs
Bottom line is that if you want to get good at mace and club training, you need a variety of different weight clubs or maces. There are no two ways about it. Developing the basic patterns that progress into complex movements requires practice, patience, and different weight clubs to build skill and strength. Once those patterns are built they can be tweaked through regressive drills using lighter and heavier clubs and maces.
There are two mistakes beginners make when getting into rotational training. More often than not, first time club and mace enthusiasts buy the wrong weight to start off with. Handling a 20 pound dumbbell isn’t the same as handling a 20 pound club. The next common mistake is if they can handle the weight, they are locked into a small area by this weight, never progressing beyond
Mace & Club History
From their humble beginnings as a fallen tree branch used as a tool or a weapon, maces and clubs have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Persians who occupied the area now know as Iraq and Iran developed a unique training system for these tools that is still in use today.
Strength Endurance
Rotational Training – RT with clubs and maces can be tailored for each individual’s specific needs. RT can be done to increase strength and power throughout an athlete’s entire range of motion or programmed to build incredible endurance.
Heavy or Light
Wood or Indian Clubs are used for the ‘lighter’ style of training. Clubs and Maces made of metal are used for the ‘heavier’ styles of training. Terms such as hard style or traditional are often used by some enthusiasts. Adjustable Clubs bridge that gap.
Adex Mace & Club News 1
July 23, 2018
Maces & Clubs Hit Mainstream Fitness!
Rotational Training has experienced a resurgance and for good reasons
• One of the best ways to ‘pre- hab’ athletes against rotator cuff issues
the few moves they’ve learned. Both of these issues will result in boredom or frustration and their new club will be banished to the corner to collect dust.
Quality made sets of clubs or maces carry a hefty price tag which isn’t noticed when ordering them individually. Also, all of the available manufactured clubs and maces graduate in 5 pound increments. This is a weight jump that hinders many enthusiasts, especially when trying to ‘dial in’ an exercise. The upside to owning multiple, expensive clubs and maces is more than 2 people can train at once. This is okay for some busy pro gyms, but revert back to having the correct weight scenario mentioned above for each user and options grow slim.
Since 2013 Adex Adjustable Exercise Clubs® and Maces have been the premier adjustable exercise clubs in the fitness industry. Adex stands for ADjustable EXercise – Ad*Ex, and offers a smart, long term economical choice over sets of multiple clubs for both professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts. The original Adex Club had 6 settings and saved the consumer considerable cost over a complete club set and a savings on shipping. The Adex Club was designed to not only feel proper when swung but also to fit in a US Postal Service Large Flat Rate (US Only) box to offer the buyer a tremendous savings over shipping individual clubs.
This initial success spurred Adex Club to do better. While the original design was was widely accepted by fitness professionals and
• Train clients in both eccentric and concentric muscle contractions
• Almost anyone of any ability can reap the benefits of fitness through rotational training
Nearly 100 years ago, clubs and maces were staple tools in gymnasiums from 1850 until the end of WWII. They all but fell into obscurity.

Rotational training provides real life functional movements (let’s face it, how many times are we bench pressing anything during our real lives?) and with the well established modalities of functional fitness, rotational strength is here to stay.
Adex Mace & Club News
enthusiasts alike, some slight but important changes appeared in 2015 – the change from the Martini glass handle shape to the
current ’smoother’ design allows the users to grip the barrel better. More importantly, the addition of the ’split weights’ eased graduating up to the next weight from a hefty 5 pound jump to a more friendly 2.5 pound increase and allows the user make a smoother, on point transition. Consequently, the two ’split weights’ replaced a 5 pound weight and upped the Adex Club 4 more weight settings bringing the weight selection to 10 different settings – keep that in mind when shopping for clubs.
Club and Mace Training is fun and healthy, builds serious strength and mobility, and can be blended into any fitness routine. Adex Clubs and Maces extend the fun and excitement so that any user of any age always has the correct weight for any rotational power exercise. The Adex Clubs, Maces, and the mid- range ArcTM all share the same proprietary weight system and the handles can be interchanged. All Adex products, including the Ad-On KitTM are all steel and made in the US by local craftspeople in Deerfield Beach, Fl. Add Adex Clubs to your workout and feel the difference.

July 23, 2018
Adex Mace & Club News 3