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Adex Adjustable Exercise Club® – Scalable! One club, 10 different weights! 3.5lbs to 25lbs. Now there is no need to have heavy, multiple club sets to train yourself or clients. One club adjusts manually to allow the trainee to perform light re/pre-hab exercises and warm-ups to mid-weight total body endurance work to big, heavy, one/two handed strength exercises for upper body and legs.

Original Club Handle – 1.00″
Fat Club Handle  –  1.20″ 





Adex Adjustable Exercise Club® Scalable! One club, 10 different weights! 3.5lbs to 25lbs. The initial mistake in weighted club purchasing is buying the wrong weight, ADEX Adjustable Clubs eliminate this problem! The ADEX Adjustable Club quickly changes from 3.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, & 25lbs! This club is a complete and easily portable exercise club set to challenge fitness enthusiasts looking for that one modality to help them achieve top performance. Now there is no need to have heavy, multiple club sets to train yourself or clients. One ADEX club manually adjusts to allow the trainee to perform light re/pre-hab exercises and warm-ups to mid-weight total body endurance work to big, heavy, two handed exercises for upper body and legs. Alone, club work is one of the most dynamic training styles, improving athletes from their very core outward. It is the perfect compliment for Crossfit, powerlifting, kettlebells, golf, tennis, strength, tri-athlete, martial arts, sport specific, endurance, bodybuilding, and many other sports including life! Solid steel construction ensures years of use. Textured handle and barrel weights add grip. Large knob provides extra safety. Yes all this in one Adex Adjustable Exercise Club.

Proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. US Patent № 10,166,428 ADEX Adjustable Exercise Club is a registered Trademark #86175004

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 4 in
Choose Your Handle Type

Original, Fat

41 reviews for Adjustable Exercise Club®

  1. Robert Honeyman

    I refer to this as my favorite toy. I play with it every day. I’m slowly adding weight to work forearms and shoulders. It’s a great complement to bodyweight strength building.

  2. Alex JD

    I use these tools with my training clients all the time. They have become my go-to for fitness instruction after being in the industry for over 25 years. Easily adjustable and so versatile. Thank you for engineering this incredible product.

  3. Jared R Studyvin (verified owner)

    Solid construction. Easy to adjust. I would recommend this awesome club.

  4. MplsDan (verified owner)

    I started using a 15 lb. heavy club doing two-hand exercises for about 3 months when I ordered this, and I’m glad I did. I’ve now moved up in weight with the two-handed exercises, and at the same time I’m learning the one-handed exercises with a lower and safer weight. I got the fat-handled club, and it’s definitely the right choice for my big paws. It’s solidly made and fits together well.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    Took a while to show up because of backorder, but Don was very communicative throughout the process.


  6. A. Aston (verified owner)

    My first impressions of the Adex Club system are that it is well engineered.  It is made from quality steel and has a good finish as well.  It is a real space saver over a whole set of clubs plus it is easier to add weight incrementally.  Well Done!

  7. H Lee

    From a pragmatic standpoint, the adjustable weights are a godsend for space management and simplicity, especially as I can use the weights for all tools. But the pragmatism is augmented by quality build and tight tolerances. Changes it from simply useful to highly pleasurable.

  8. Earl Barbour (verified owner)

    Great product & outstanding customer service!

    I would echo everything stated above, great product, made in the USA, compact, easy to adjust, easy to use. I will turn the big 6-0 this year, as such I’m probably a bit older than most of the other users. I really like the ability to take smaller jumps in weight, allowing more and more reps before moving up in weight. Old guys don’t heal as quickly as youngsters.

    There was a bit of a delay because of the popularity of working out at home, sadly the threadset was damaged during shipping in spite of the superb packing. It looked like it was tossed and damaged on the top edge on the corner, above the knurling. It was such a small amount of damage, it was only an issue when changing the weights. So, I was thinking a little file work would correct it, knocking off the sharp edged burr off. Think of shaving the edge of a piece of wood or chocolate and the resulting burr. I contacted Don about how to repair the damaged to the coating to protect the exposed metal. Don, being the man he is insisted on sending a replacement threadset asap, “You paid for first run equipment, you should get first run equipment.” When I asked about returning the damaged one, he replied keep it for a spare. The replacement arrived undamaged, I cracked up when I opened the package as I was thinking about protecting it in the exact manner Don used.

    So I hung up from speaking to Don and ordered the add-on kit, I am far from being able to use it now, and by the time it arrives I still won’t be ready, so no worries on the wait. This level of manufacturing and customer service deserves to be supported.

    So, what are you waiting for? Order now you will not regret it.

  9. Darryl Nelson (verified owner)

    Great product. Its easy to assemble and disassemble so the weight can be easily changed. Awesome addition to any training program.

  10. Chris Olander (verified owner)

    Truly a wonderful product. Being able to adjust loads while learning new movements is priceless to me. I have been able to learn two handed and single hand mills and swipes with confidence knowing that I can scale up and down when needed. I have progressed up to 22.5lb single hand mills, reverse mills and swipes. Recently tweaked my knee kicking a soccer ball with my kids and was able to dial back the club in order to keep swinging while healing up. Such a value to me!

    I decided I needed the ADD ON kit and an ARC handle too in order to keep progressing. Looking forward to years of use with these for myself and my family.

    Thank you so much Donnie for a superb product and such good customer service!!

  11. Felix (verified owner)

    Awesome club. Watched an unboxing by Mark Wildman on his Youtube Channel and I need to get the club. Got it and it was an awesome addition to my workout program. The Wildman has some very good programs for the club and ADEX programs are awsome too. Veriety is the spice of any program. Club, Mace, and a Kettlebell is all you really need. Next purchase will be the mace. WARRIOR Training!

  12. Michael Rose (verified owner)

    Now that I have been using the ADEX Club for a while (following Mark Wildman), I can whole-heartedly recommend it.  I was previously using Apollo clubs, which are fine clubs and do the job well.  ADEX has an overall better “feel”.  Plus, I experienced the beauty in the ADEX design. I was working through a routine that included a two-handed squat press and my left side (left hand on top) could do the press portion but my right side could not keep good form, even though I am right handed.  I guess I need to work through a right shoulder weakness.  Anyway, I dropped the ADEX Club from 15 pounds down to 12.5 pounds and was able to both sides in good form.  Now I have the correct weight that I can build from.  I found myself appreciating the club in the middle of the routine, which is why I am writing this review.  Great product!

  13. Bennett Blau (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my ADEX Adjustable Exercise Club. Besides really great quality construction, much faster shipping than I expected and an easy buying experience, I’m able to do a long term program and make small jumps in weight rather than risking injury with 5+ lb. jumps. Amazing! Highly recommended. Thanks ADEX!

  14. David F (verified owner)

    My only regret is not finding this product earlier and/or not being open enough to training alternatives ! After about 30 years of lifting weights at the gym, plus kettlebells over the past few years, I was absolutely amazed that I had to drop down to 5 lbs to start with. Great quality too – worth every dollar of payment and every minute of waiting for the delivery !

  15. Joe Mason (verified owner)

    Really well made, thread is super smooth. Also packed well and powdercoating is excellent. I like the textured finish, easy to grip

  16. Chuck Jones (verified owner)

    I became interested in club work via Mark Wildman’s YT channel, and ordered the Adex club. I’ve used it for a few weeks now, and find it well balanced, easy to grip, and kind to the hands. Once the weights are installed, it holds together tightly. This is an excellent product which I will use for many years. Highly recommended.

  17. Paul K

    Great Club! Easy to swap out weight. I’m super happy with it.

  18. Ian (verified owner)

    I ordered this all the way to the UK and it was well worth the high shipping cost. Engineered to perfection, a pleasure to hold and to use. I can see myself getting many years’ worth of enjoyable training from this brilliant product. So pleased.

  19. JG

    Very happy fat handle club owner here. I have added a 2 hand club program to my primary kettlebell program, per Wildman Athletica. Check out his instructional kettlebell and club videos on youtube. Bombproof construction in all components. Undoubtedly will last many lifetimes. Looking forward to the add on set for the club as my strength increases.

  20. Ed (EJ) Dombrowski

    I just received my Adex Fat Handle Club and Mace. I immediately turned around and ordered the Arc handle and some additional incremental weights. I started with an inexpensive pair of clubs and was hooked. I quickly did the math and looked at the space requirements for multiple sets of clubs and maces and realized it will be much better to go the Adex route. These are a solid well crafted tool that will undoubtably last multiple lifetimes. If you are a home gym owner think Ironmaster Dumbbells. Same concept, same rock solid build. I will have these for the rest of my life. I know it would be a tall order for somebody just trying out Steel Clubs or Maces, but if you have tried them and are sure you will stick with it, this is the best way to go. Oh yeah! I forgot. Micro loading is key. The 5 pound jumps of traditional clubs and maces can be steep. With Adex you can go up in 1.25lb increments. This was huge for me. Anyhow, very happy with my purchase and the value.

    • D Giafardino

      Thanks Ed! We just got done packing up your Arc handle and a 1.25lb weight. Keep an eye out, it’s on the way. Your other order will be out soon, also.

  21. Robbie Andreasen (verified owner)

    This is one of the best training tools you can buy especially if you are an older adult looking to get back into shape. Between using the handle like an Indian club to single-arm, to double-arm swings, you will have plenty of variety and ability to develop farm-boy strength through gradual progressions made possible by the adjustable club.

    One of the first things I noticed after swinging two-handed clubs a couple of times is that my posture improved. My back muscles have learned how to fire and stay engaged throughout the day.

    Club swinging is a great complement to bodyweight and/or kettlebell swinging. These are the exercises I am using to train for my next Spartan race.

  22. Patrick Allison Jr. (verified owner)

    I consider myself a “student” of Mark Wildman and have been doing his now deceased app’s Beta program since spring. I started at 10 lbs, quickly shifting to 15 lbs after a week or two. I just moved up to 25 lbs, and I was looking to upgrade my equipment. I’ve been using a homemade club that I constructed out of steel piping that is adjustable (can take the head off and attach it to a longer handle to make a mace too), but I wanted something safer and better balanced.

    The Adex Adjustable Exercise Club is exactly that. It’s much easier to handle than the pipe club, and it is an absolute breeze to swap weights around. Overall, it’s an outstanding product! I was so happy with my new club that I went online to try and buy the add-on kit… I managed to get the last one! I just started my PhD studying crawfish, and my goal is to be swinging the 45 lbs club by the end of it. Thanks to Adex, I think I’ll be able to achieve that goal! =]

    For those reading, definitely give Mark Wildman a follow and buy yourself some Adex equipment! You won’t be disappointed!

  23. Ray Rhodes (verified owner)

    I found Adex through Mark Wildman while trying to get into some sort of shape since retirement – Adex was very helpful in selecting the correct club and shipping to Canada
    What a well built piece of kit – I am sure this will out last me ! It is incredible how adjustable it is, I am now sharing it with my wife … what a fabulous way to keep toned, flexible and buld strength

  24. Timothy Squire (verified owner)

    I purchased the whole Arsenal The club the maze and ark I learned about the products from Mark Wildman On YouTube Excellent channel by the way The equipment is top of the line in my opinion I am 61 years young 😎 Lost 38 pounds Current weight 223 At 6 ‘ I feel like I’ve been born again Again all the products are great💪🏽

  25. Jason Powell (verified owner)

    Great product! Great compliment to a kettlebell workout regiment. If you could make switching between weights easier then I would give it 5 stars. Well constructed and will last a lifetime! Love it!

  26. Sway

    THE CLUBS ARE GAME CHANGERS. I’ve owned a pair of adjustable clubs for about a month. Club construction: of the highest quality. I’ve taken them on road trips (rolling around in the back), the beach for workout, and banged them together; I doubt there’s anything in the normal course of ownership/use that will damage these bad boys. They will certainly outlast me. The top screws on smoothly and provides a very tight seal (it has not come loose yet). The weights themselves fit perfectly with each other and are also of the highest quality. It’s very nice to micro-load as you progress.

    The handle: I purchased the “Original Club Handle,” not knowing it was smaller /narrower/thinner than the traditional handle width, which Adex sells as the “Fat Club Handle”. It’s not a big deal, I just didn’t realize that when I made the purchase, so keep that in mind when you make your decision. Since I’m used to a wider handle from my competition and “hard style” kettlebells, it was bit of an adjustment. Again, it’s not a big deal because I appreciate the subtle and instant mental and physical adaptation that occurs when I transition between my kettlebell and club during a workout.

    Working out with clubs: I got the idea from Mark Wildman (check him out on YouTube) whom I’ve followed for several years when I started my kettlebell and functional fitness journey. I worked up to advanced rotational movements with the kettle bell but I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of the movement. Because I trust Wildman’s opinion (see his YouTube review), I made the investment in the trainer set without ever picking up a club in my life. THE CLUBS ARE GAME CHANGERS.

    The range of motion you can hit with the the longer lever transformed my workouts and I instantly felt the difference in my body (seriously). I use the base club (no weights) as part of my warmup to “grease my joints”, specifically my shoulders. I use the weighed club (I’ve worked up to 10-15 pounds) after my kettlebell routine or in circuit with the kettlebell to decompress my shoulders, work my QL muscles, and elongate my shoulder joints after the compression of my kettlebell workout (think joint traction). I’m not starting a strict club program, yet, because my training is focused on a race, but I can already see that just having the clubs, without any other modality, is sufficient to provide a proper full-body and functional workout.

    Within five days, I ordered the Add-on kit (which I will review separately), because I believe in buying quality and buying once.

    I’ve swung the clubs every day I’ve owned them because they make my shoulders, QL, and smaller muscles in my core feel so good.

    I ordered the Arc and Mace handles as I see the value in the longer lever and can see them as critical modalities in a truly all-around functional home gym. I bought them in the “Fat Handle” configuration as I am a traditionalist and I already have the narrower/thinner handles in the clubs. I was not expecting to go all out with these purchases, but I knew the price would increase soon and I would end up buy them eventually. Buy quality, buy once.

    If you’re deciding between the clubs, Arc, or mace, I’d go with the clubs. The clubs are more versatile and don’t require as much physical clearance (if you’re working out in an apartment, dorm, or other smaller space).

    In all, I couldn’t be happier with my Adex Clubs. Sorry for the lengthy review. Great job, Donny!!!

  27. Dale Brown (verified owner)

    Firstly, and most importantly, Don and the entire crew at Adex are fantastic. Period. I requested some extra attention during the holidays regarding shipping and the team made extra effort to make sure I got my club safe and sound. Much gratitude from me all around, and Adex will be my first stop when it comes to any product they have a stake in.

    Secondly, the product itself. Overall, this is a fine piece of kit, and 99% perfect. Mine has one small blip where the handle meets the “cone”, in a location that doesn’t affect function or performance and would happily pass any quality assurance test. All the weights are perfect and uniform, and the machining on the threads is 100% on the money; there is zero play or chatter, yet it threads in extremely smoothly and feels totally solid when screwed into place. 10/10! Coating feels solid and durable; not the most slip-resistant I’ve tried, but well in keeping with a lot of standard kettlebell coatings I’ve tried, and entirely fine for my purposes.

    I have two small quibbles which are not complaints by any means. 1) For the highest possible tweakability, I wish that the standard club came with one 2.5lb and two 1.25lb weights, allowing you to adjust in 1.25lb increments right out of the box. I opted to get the 1.25 add-on plate, so this is easily solvable, and I could see this adding to the cost anyway, so no fault here, just an optimization option. 2) For handle diameter, it’s taking some adjustment after spending a year with a different fixed-weight mace. I’m an average guy, 5’10” with large-ish palms and slightly shorter fingers, and I find the fat handle a tad on the small side. I know Adex is working with Mark Wildman on a 3rd, even larger, diameter handle, and I’ll likely upgrade to this when available. Just a preference thing.

    Would I recommend this? 100% yes. Would I recommend this for a first club? Depends on the user and their goals. It’s a bit pricey if you’re just looking to dabble or try out clubs (and maces, etc). On the other hand, if you’re in any way willing to “commit to the bit”, just get the Adex; by the time you’re even looking at a second fixed-weight club, you’re already creeping up on what you would have spent in the first place, and having consistency in things like handle diameter and weight distribution can go a long way in terms of feeling like you have a consistent “home base” while training. Add to that the advantages of portability, storage, and being able to expand on the infrastructure (ie. just having to purchase handles to add an Arc or a Mace to your training), and it quickly adds up to a great investment.

    This has likely gotten long enough, so I’ll leave it at this: great product and well worth the investment. Consider your handle choice carefully. Have fun swinging!

  28. Walter (verified owner)

    Hello, the club and the support was excellent. I live in Germany and the supply and duty was very expensive. But it is worthy. You couldn‘t find a better product in Europe. I‘m very happy with the club. Now I had order the fat handle. Please excuse my bad English. Best Regards, Walter.

  29. Todd Lahrman, Los Angeles, CA (verified owner)

    This is great club that is well made and extremely versatile. But what I really want to talk about is the excellent customer service! I had a problem with the threads on my club. I emailed Adex and the very next day Lisa called me to talk about my problem and to give me some possible solutions. When those solutions didn’t work she sent me a replacement handle. No Hassle. No Drama. Just great customer service. She also took the time to talk to me about how to use the clubs and why she loved using clubs.

    Adex is what buying American is all about: A small family business making an excellent product right here in America. I will definitely buy more products from them.

  30. Jonathan Pederson (verified owner)

    Adex clubs are extraordinarily well made and they are a great addition to diversify my workout and implement more functional type exercises. I got a fat handle and use for single hand exercises. I liked it so well I purchased another for two handed and keep a little more weight on that one. This fits well with a kettlebell and slamball routine. It’s nice to know that as I progress I can increment the weights as needed.

    If it matters to some, I’m 61 and find club use for exercise great and a good way to hit on some mobility areas and movements that others methods don’t quite achieve.

  31. Dan Galpern (verified owner)

    I bought the Adex fat handle club on the recommendation of Mark Wildman, who runs a great youtube channel featuring clubs, kettlebells and so on.

    The club is very well made and the adjustable nature of it renders it a remarkable fitness tool.

    I’m actually using is in a lightweight, two-handed mode every day for a full-body warm up before other heavier lifting work. But every third day I follow the 2-handed light work with a range of one-handed swings, and then I finish it all off with a 2-handed heavier-weight session.

    Each session with the Adex Club really constitutes a full-body workout, with especial benefits for the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms. Use of the club in a one-handed mode is especially taxing (and strengthening) with respect to grip strength (as well as the biceps). Thus, the ability to drop the weight down makes the one-handed work much more viable.

    In just my first month of use, I’ve worked out my own series of movements involving outer and inner circles coupled with mill and shield cast movements, and a range of others. To be clear, if I owned, say, only a 15lb non-adjustable club, I would not yet have the shoulder strength to do single-arm mills and shield casts. With the Adex Club, no problem!

    One thing more, the ability to do a range of movements, one-handed as well as two, is really fun. More fun –> more use (and thus, more improvement, a virtuous circle).

    Highly recommended.


  32. Jay Lundgreen (verified owner)

    The adjustable club is incredibly well built. I ordered the larger grip and love it. I am a beginner and I am doing pretty basic workouts to build my core and strengthen my basic stance to improve my stability while standing and walking. This club is no joke. I do dumbell curls and presses with 30 lbs so I thought I would be able to start out pretty heavy with the club. Lol. Not even. I started with 7.5 lbs. and that is plenty. As I increase sets I will add weight in 2.5 lb increments which is possible with the adjustable club. This club is worth the money.

  33. Keith R Ryan

    I bought the mace and also an arc handle. Love both of them
    I have a 15lbs onit mace and wanted more options. The quality it outstanding. I also have a variety of tacfit clubbells and I am still considering adding an adex clubbells for the adjustable micro loading aspect. Also need to get the add on kit when it gets back in stock.

  34. Byron Hasegawa (verified owner)

    What an addition to kettlebells for exercising. I think the ability to micro load the club is awesome. Very well made product. I purchased the club with the smaller handle. I am 5’5″ 138 lb. 69 yo male. With smaller hands.
    I do find that as I am part way through the program my hand(s) tend to cramp up from the small handle. Otherwise a great product.

  35. Jim O’Shag (verified owner)

    I bought these clubs for myself and a large group of others, so being adjustable works perfectly. Everyone was excited when someone else brought in a heavy (non-adjustable) club, but few could use it safely. Admittedly I was worried about the safety of the adjusting mechanism, but after getting acquainted with club I feel safe using it. When it’s set, it’s not going anywhere. As I improve, I can still drop the weight down to learn a new movement, and then easily build up. The price tag is intimidating, but cancelling my gym membership at the start of the pandemic has taught me to invest in myself, and this is a perfect example. This is the price of two months of my local crossfit gym, so the way I see it: I’m saving money.

    If you (or someone you love!) is interested in using clubs, then THIS is the place to start.

  36. Daniel Jeong (verified owner)

    Exceptional customer service and outstanding piece of American made equipment. Wish I had first gotten these adjustable clubs as opposed to fixed-weight clubs as they are fully modular with their mace and arc handles as well. Going up and down incrementally is a game changer.

  37. B Campbell (verified owner)

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. I LOVE my ADEX Club. Excellent design, excellent production, and EXCELLENT customer service. If you are hemming and hawing and trying to decide if you want to start with a fixed weight club, just jump in. You won’t regret it. I just ordered a Mace handle and can’t wait!

  38. Reg (verified owner)

    The adjustable club’s build is quality. It’s very satisfying adjusting it to the ideal weight ,for tailoring to one or two hand exercises, or for progressing incrementally in weight on a set programme, lock the thread in and off you go, solid.

    I like the finish of the coating for grip, just right for longer sessions. I don’t have massive paws or anything but prefer the fat handle, so might consider getting advice on that.

    What more can you say, a lot of care and thought went into this great piece of kit.

  39. Dakota

    New to clubs and absolutely fell in love! I chose Adex after researching clubs and club training. Got them right before a trip, super portable and saves a lot of space. Great craftsmanship and overall great concept and design. I will probably be buying a mace handle after becoming versed in the clubs, but these will keep me busy for quite awhile!

  40. Chuck (verified owner)

    I live in Canada, I looked for th Adex club in Canada first couldn’t find. So I ordered directly from Adex. I received it within a couple weeks.
    No hassles, the quality is very good the grip is good, the threads look like a machine thread heavy duty. It stacks securely because of the protruding pins that fit into drilled holes. The cap on the threaded rod is knurled, making it is easy to tighten.I recommend it

  41. Robert, Toronto, Canada (verified owner)

    I came across the Adex club via Mark Wildman’s YouTube videos. Ordered directly from Adex. Response from Don to questions regarding product and shipping to Canada was immediate and trustworthy. For example, after initial backorder delays, I asked about delivery and was told the product would ship the next day. Sure enough, FedEx informed me the next day the club was on its way. The product is well engineered and manufactured, with tight tolerances and snug fit after assembly. Textured surface for superior grip with heavier weights. I am 62 and this product is a terrific tool for maintaining strength. Added benefit, great for strengthening hands as arthritis begins to set in. Well done Adex.

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