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The Adex Arc is a shorter Adex Mace or a longer Adex Club. It creates the torque of the mace with the versatility of club. Handle length is the factor here. The handle alone is 26″.  11 weight settings from 4lbs up to 28.5lbs – Adex offers different handle lengths allowing varying torque capabilities. Fill the gap in your training!


Adex Arc is a shorter Adex Mace or a longer Adex Club. It creates the torque of the mace with the versatility of club. Handle length is the factor here. The handle alone is 26″.  11 weight settings from 4lbs up to 28.5lbs – Adex offers different handle lengths allowing varying torque capabilities. Fill the gap in your training!

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 4 in
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Original, Fat

19 reviews for Adjustable Arc™

  1. Steve Rocca (verified owner)

    With winter approaching I realized I needed something smaller than a mace to use inside my house without damaging my low ceilings. Since I always see Chip Conrad from Body Tribe using an Adex Club I decided I was going to purchase one. That was until I noticed the Arc. I purchased my Arc and after receiving it I realized this was going to be one of the favorite training tools. Its exactly as described above, “the torque of the mace with the versatility of club.” For me this is the “one mace to rule them all.” Its extremely portable, built like a tank, aesthetically pleasing, and well balanced. I look forward to using this mace for many years to come and am incredibly happy with my purchase.

  2. Zach Tamplin

    Got this as a gift back during the holidays. I’ve been using it about 5 days a week building up slowly as I am new to club/macebell training. I absolutely love it! Almost meditative sometimes. The Arc allows me to do some clubbell exercise and I can also do mace exercises. Perfect “middle of the road” item for me.

  3. H Lee (verified owner)

    I’m new to both clubs and maces but it’s already clear that the arc might become my favorite. It really does strike an effortless balance between the other tools, particularly for the foundation movements I’m learning now. I can see how it would be more limited for specific types of sequences, particularly for mace, but the longer lever means a lighter “club” weight still creates different challenge depending on how it’s handled. Moreover, it’s just super fun.

  4. Zach (verified owner)

    The arc is a fantastic tool for mastering club swinging movements due to the longer lever, and is great for mace movements for people who aren’t so tall!

  5. Tristan Gregory (verified owner)

    I have just received the ARC and I am already beyond excited for how this is going to improve my grip strength. I was ready to buy various sizes of mace and club, however I did not want a ton of equipment. Within a few minutes of playing with the ARC, I could tell that it adds a new dimension of challenge if you treat it as a long handled club and do single arm movements. I also find it lends itself to two handed club swings a bit better than a standard club.

  6. Oscar Lozano (verified owner)

    I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment and needed a low impact highly efficient training tool to keep me as strong and conditioned as possible. After searching and viewing a few Mark Wildman video tutorial I chose For my first club/mace the ADEX ARC and I’m NOT ONE BIT disappointed. The craftsmanship and feel of the product is superb and the design is ingenious because with a simple change in grip you actually have a club AND a mini MACE all in one. For overall functional fitness, rehab and general strength training I am recommending anyone and everyone the ARC. More than satisfied with the ARC, oh and BTW, customer service is beyond exceptional. Than You Don!!!

  7. Edgar J Lopez Roldan (verified owner)

    Beyond happy and excited. I received my Arc today and I have been playing around with just the handle and the tread which are only what, 6 pounds? I can feel muscles I haven’t felt in a while. I primarily do kettlebells, every workout that I do revolves around them, as well BJJ, however, I wanted to get into clubs/arcs/maces for a long time because of the many added benefits of this type of training, in particular for martial arts for recovery, and even prevention of injuries. Goes without saying I will be purchasing a few more things in the future.

  8. Aaron Beard (verified owner)

    Been incorporating mace and club training for a little over a year. This whole product line solves many programming issues and has allowed me to work in different types of volume and strength work that was previously impossible. They’re made SOLID and the owner seemed like a good dude. Worth it!!! I’ll be adding to my collection in the future.

  9. Keli’i (verified owner)

    I love the Arc. Perfect cross between a club and a mace. I can do one handed and two handed exercises. I feel my weak hand grip starting to catch up with my dominant hand. Helps me to recover on days between workouts. I can go heavier for two handed workouts.

    You guys were very helpful in getting the arc to me on a tight schedule before my flight left SLC. I appreciate the customer service.

    This is a quality product, precise manufacturing. Thank you.

  10. Sean Bryant (verified owner)

    Just got this today, using 11 lb my shoulders and forearms …they’ve been worked.

    I’ve been using a 6lb sledge and got this so i could increase some weight. Let me say I’m feeling it.

    Looking forward to using it more and getting the weight up.

  11. Joao Gomes (verified owner)

    I’ve been training with the Arc for close to two months now. It’s beautifully made, and the small weight increments allow for a fast progression. A great tool for my training.

    Being in Australia, the only issue is shipping. It almost doubles the price of the Arc. But it’s still well worth it, considering the flexibility it gives you and the fact you don’t need to buy multiple maces to progress. It came well packaged (but it took its sweet time to get here via USPS).

  12. wayne

    Yes! I love it !!! Thank you ADEX !

    I always liked the more ‘exotic’ styles of training and equipment.
    Looking good in a gym is something completely different than being capable of carrying supply a couple of heavy grocery bags for an attractive woman, with a smile on your face –
    The first will impress your buddies; the second will get you a good dose of testosterone –
    That said –

    Get an ADEX club, a mace, an ARC, and you are on the right path to fun and the required endurance… make a lot of balance squats – they work miracles!

    ADEX clubs, maces, and ARCs are not only versatile and worthwhile investments, but they are truly pieces of art.
    The diligence and genius that go into design and construction are second to none.
    If only everything in the world would be like this. my ADEX clubs look like exquisite sculptures on my nightstand.

    Get yours today – and trust me, buy the club, the mace, AND the ARC at once – you save yourself the shipping. Because once you taste the sweet sweat of handling these fine toys, you will want them all. You will excuse yourself from anything you should be doing, to go and train a bit with them.

    If you are not already doing it, do also follow Mark Wildmann for instructions – I am an elderly guy now discovering abbs I thought I would never see.

    p.s. I went for the fat handle. the original is fine, but if you are already used to kettlebells, gadas, or Bulgarian bags, get the fat handle –
    p.p.s. My girlfriend prefers the original handle, if that can be a clue; there the coating is also a bit smoother.

  13. Neal Mullen (verified owner)

    My fat handle Arc arrived yesterday, wasn’t too sure what to expect. After doing a 45 minute workout with the Arc and fat handle Adex mace today, my first impressions is that they are a great combination to get both complex and heavy weight training session. Quality again is amazing. I found the Arc gave me the flexibility of lighter weight warm ups that I would have used a pair 6KG steel clubs for before along with heavier weights during my workout. My toes were safer for with the shorter Arc too
    A little like the iPad, no one knew they needed or wanted something between their phone and laptop, well the Arc is the same. Now that I have it, I don’t see a workout without it
    I was on the fence between getting an Adex Club or Arc, I think I picked the right one with the Arc. Combined with a mace it is excellent
    Even with the international shipping and import tax into Ireland, I felt it was a worthy investment
    Keep up the great work guys

  14. Victor (verified owner)

    I ordered an ARC Fat Handle and an extra Club Fat Handle which arrived within ten days. Although I already have a complete selection of steel clubs from 5 to 35 pounds and maces (10, 15, and 20 pounds) I got the ARC to have a more portable system that I could easily stow in a Pelican case and throw in the truck for use on travel. When they arrived yesterday I took them out of their (extensive packing) and enjoyed playing around with both the ARC and club, then loaded up the ARC to 11 pounds and took it on a hillwalk. Normally I bring a 10 or 15 pound mace just to loosen up the shoulders after hiking several hundred feet of elevation with a 30 pound ruck but the long handle makes it it awkward, and the shorter length a club makes that uncomfortable for long marches. The ARC is just right to carry on the shoulder, is a good length for swinging in the field, and the ability to add weight means I could stick another couple five pound masses in my bag and add them on if I want to do heavier work. I’m not getting rid of my other maces and clubs for home use but the Adex system is definitely my workhorse swinging option on the go.

  15. Robert Hepner (verified owner)

    I was thinking about trying a club workout as I had seen many workouts using clubs. I also thought about a mace, but thought that I may have issues with it indoors. I saw reviews on Adex products and how their ability to adjust the weight makes them ideal when you don’t or can’t purchase an army of clubs to swing. So I settled on Adex for a club then found the arc and it seemed like the perfect blend of the two. So far it works great. I use a shorter grip and train like a club and a long grip like a mace and best of all I can do some different two handed moves with it for an added dimension to the work outs. Its just great and durable and in in pinch could be used take out zombies if needed LOL

  16. Patrick

    Incredible customer service and packaging. A product that is masterfully machined and will outlast us all. A total life-changer.

  17. Julian (verified owner)

    Recently bought the arc handle. The arc is probably the best piece of fitness equipment I own. I will be a return customer for other products in the future. Also, USA made!

  18. Fiery1509

    I have nothing but positive things to say about this product! Firstly I was on the fence on which one to get. I train with clubs and maces and found deciding between the club, the mace and the arc the choice was difficult for me.

    I went with the arc, because I wanted something I could use two handed more comfortably, like a mace but with greater leverage like a club. If you’ve tried some club moves with a mace you’ll know the very real risks associated with it!

    The arc is for me, the absolute perfect size! I went with the Mark Wildman edition as I have followed him for years and his handle size made sense to me. The length is ideal for one and two handed movements, well balanced and incredibly well made.

    The knurling on the arc is perfect for this type of training. It provides grip, without being overly aggressive. I’ve had to use gloves in the past with clubs because they are too smooth and I lose control of them, not with the arc.

    Lastly, I want to mention Adex company culture. I have never had such a positive experience dealing with a fitness equipment provider. Responsive, helpful and excellent in everything. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  19. Sevy

    Awesome tool , specially wide handle

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