The Big Deal Kit - Adex Original Adjustable Club

The Big Deal Kit

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Are you up for the challenge of rotational training?  This is the most complete Adex kit for home or gym – 1 Complete 30lb Adex Mace with four 5lb weights, a 2.5lb weight, an Adex Club Handle, and 1 Adex Arc™ Handle. 

Please note: The Big Deal Kit is shipped in two separate boxes to ensure the safety of the product, and reduce the shipping cost.




Are You Up For the Challenge of Rotational Training? This is the most complete Adex kit for home or gym – 1 30lb Adex Mace with four 5lb weights and one 2.5lb weight, 1 Adex Club Handle, and 1 Adex Arc™ Handle.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 6 in
Choose Your Handle Type

Original Handle, Fat Handle

11 reviews for The Big Deal Kit

  1. Joseph (verified owner)

    Amazing deal. Awesome product. Zero issues. Love the ball at the end of the mace and arc

  2. Jörg Keilbach

    I ordered the Adex Big Deal Kit, an extra Adex Adjustabl Exercise Club and the Adex Ad-On Kit last September. I am very satisfied! Sure the shipping to Germayny wasn’t cheap but i don’t regret it. I am so satisfied that I ordered a custom made extra long Mace handle and i will also take the new thicker Mace and Club handles. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thanks to Adex Clubs And Maces and Don Giafardino.

  3. James Monroe Shannon (verified owner)

    I use these at least once a week in addition to my regular workouts and they are always my favorite. My only issue was I workout outside in Texas so once the sweat on my hands built up my grip started slipping. I just added some grip tape and it solved that problem. Some people like chalk but It sweats off where I live too (Houston area).
    These are a great product and I recommend them to everyone interested in this type of functional training.

  4. Cody Jacobs (verified owner)

    As a first time mace/club buyer, I am very impressed with the craftsmanship and durability of these devices. These will last you a lifetime. At first I was worried about swinging these in the house however, after taking a look at the threads, there’s no chance that anything will fly off. This is hands down the best investment I’ve made. You’d pay thousands of dollars to get the all these different clubs and maces elsewhere. If you’re reading this review, pull the trigger and buy the big deal kit!

  5. Matt R. (verified owner)

    After much research, I believe this is the absolute best Adjustable Mace/Club on the market. The brilliant design means you don’t have to continuously buy additional Maces/Clubs as you wish to increase weight. Whichever one – or set – you get, they are beautifully crafted and utterly rock solid. Don Giafardino was fantastically helpful and communicative and he has created an exceptional product. I could not be happier. Highest possible recommendation.

  6. Alex JD

    Most versatile portable training and fitness tool available.

  7. Ronald Bland (verified owner)

    I could not be more thrilled and happy that I went with Adex! Donnie is a treasure trove of information. His Youtube videos on point and to the point. Adex’s customer service is top tier. When is the last time you got a direct text reply answer to your question from the owner of a company?! Me neither. ..until I shopped with Adex! Donnie quality checks every last item shipped himself. And by checks, I mean he inspects, assembles, disassembles, packages, etc., the whole enchilada.

    Adex clubs and maces are a world class product that feel like a labor of love shared with the world. Adjustments can be made in a jiff and locked down tight with ease every time. Do yourself a favor and buy your club or mace from Adex. Your future self will thank you. These clubs and maces are THE FITNESS PURCHASE OF A LIFETIME!

  8. Shane

    Two workouts in, and I freaking love these weights!

    I’ve been mace training for about 6 months and the flexibility on these Adex bells is just so damn exciting. I bought an extra club handle, and rapidly drop setting between the handles has felt amazing!

  9. Will Killian (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to use the big deal kit as much as I would like to so far because I’m recovering from an injury, but I’m very satisfied with the quality of the product. The paint is flawless. Everything fits snug. The muzzles screw into the handles perfectly, and maintain a tight fit that prevents the weights from rattling or moving while you use them. I am looking forward to getting to use them more!

  10. Ben Jaques (verified owner)

    Fantastic deal. Fantastic manufacturing. These will last a lifetime. All of my previous clubs and maces had various handle sizes, which bothered me, especially as the weights got heavier. I really like that the fat handles fit my hands perfectly and will now be consistent as I go up in weight. Thanks!

  11. SCOTT ENGH (verified owner)

    Only used for a week. Bought Big Deal fat handle. I wear XXL gloves and the fat handle is perfect for me. Was a bit concerned that 10 lb and under in the club would not swing right because of short overall. I like club at 10 lbs better than my other big name 10 clubbell. Especially the handle. Great waggle. I am no expert. Definitely a beginner at almost 64. I’m liking clubs and Arc. Can’t wait to use mace. Order the 1.5 lb weight when placing order. I will when I buy the add-ons.

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