In this video, Don Giafardino goes over different shoulder mobility exercises to improve range of motion and promote shoulder health. This can be applicable to all sports and all fitness levels.

Shoulder Cast – keep club behind the same shoulder that you are working on and not letting it cross the spine.

Side Swing to Shoulder Cast – keep shoulders retracted and depressed.

Arm Cast – raise the elbow up and past the ear. In this version, we are emphasizing the rolling in while in the top (guard) position.

Keep tempo slow and controlled. The sets and reps do not need to be tedious. 2-3 sets & 3-4 reps.

Easy moves to get your shoulders pain free and working properly again. Grab a club and follow along – done with an Adex Adjustable Exercise Clubâ„¢. Adex Clubs are a complete set of 10 individual clubs in one 25lb unit – Get a full body workout.