Using an Adex Adjustable Club, Donnie demonstrates how to build strength in a couple of the individual parts of the Inside Mill. The Inside Mill or simply called the Mill is the bench mark of heavy club swingers. Having a smooth, heavy mill is akin to having a good bench press.

Beginners/Intermediates – Get yours up in the game – if you don’t have a decent mill yet, practice the 2 Progressive Exercises ONLY for 8 Sets of 5 Reps Each Arm. Be sure to do them smooth, controlled, and unwavering. Don’t add the Mill in yet until you are proficient at these moves. When you are confident, attempt a full Inside Mill using at the 10 or 12.5lb setting. Check out my other video on doing a Mill

Advanced – For those with a good mill but are having a tough time advancing in weight, Regress Back to the first 2 Exercises and perform them the same way as described above but add in the Inside Mill for 5X5. Do the first 2 exercises fairly heavy to build stability then lighten the weight a bit to perform low reps controlled and smoothly.