Steel Mace Dead Stop Pullovers - Adex Original Adjustable Club

In this video Don Giafardino, Owner of ADEX Clubs, demonstrates the Mace Dead Stop Pullover. The Dead Stop means to start from a dead stop so no momentum is carried from one rep to the other. Begin with your mace in the bottom of a 360 and behind one shoulder, pre-load your body by rotating that shoulder forward from the waist, swing and draw the mace over the opposite side shoulder into the catch position. Repeat.

This exercise develops the torque to graduate to heavier loads in your mace training or can be used to develop that same power for heavy halo/shield casts for club training. The length of the mace handle increases the amount of torque required vs the shorter club handle.

Steel mace training is growing in popularity, and with more gyms offering mace training, the competitions, and the growth of the community in the fitness world, it makes sense to add it into your regular workouts for fun and healthy shoulder benefit.

Exercise Difficulty 8 out of 10. Not recommended for novice trainers. Use these strategically in your training when it’s time to train heavy – this isn’t a beginner exercise.