Today’s Workout is going to blow some minds! It’s that time again to switch up from the strength phase with all of the good eating and extra calories and get into that lean out phase focused on endurance. Say good bye to those heavy grinds and get yourself mentally prepared to go the distance. The Vintage Strength Games at The Olympia is 15 weeks away. This leaves a solid 2 months of endurance and leaning out. Get the rest of that winter flab off and get a fresh start going into the final training phase before the competition. This lean out phase will be tough but worth it. Use a weight that is challenging and do the exercises in groups of 10 or 20 changing arms when fatigued. Be sure to use a white board or poker chips to keep track of sets. Let’s go! Please share with someone who might be interested.

Warm Up
Jumping Jacks 10
Push Ups 6
Press Ups 6
Elbow Plank 30 secs
Side Plank 30 secs L+R
Back Bridge 30 seconds

Front Swings X 100

Long Cycle Single Club X 100 each arm

Inside Mills X 250 each arm