Fitness After 40

Hosts Lyonel Lumarque, owner of LyonStrong Fitness in Miami, and Donnie Giafardino of Adex Clubs and Maces talk about their different approach to training and getting back into fitness in your 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Club Work Power Training

CLUBWORK Let’s begin with the basic of basics. Clubs have been around for thousands of years simply because they work. Most of us are familiar with the lighter weight Indian Clubs that are swung in complex patterns which develop coordination, mobility, and speed not...

Switching It Up or Periodization

Today’s Workout is going to blow some minds! It’s that time again to switch up from the strength phase with all of the good eating and extra calories and get into that lean out phase focused on endurance. Say good bye to those heavy grinds and get yourself...
Simple Club & Mace Workout

Simple Club & Mace Workout

 Here is a simple workout that can be done with a Club or Club and Mace. ‘Anyhow’ means that there are no set/rep scheme – just get the total number done and either 1 or 2 handed, on the side or center Front Swings. I like to mix it up as the real...