Beast Workout! This combines endurance plus strength as the Gama casts do not rely on momentum! Be careful to move in a square robotic manner and try not to let the Gama casts become Halos or Shield casts which use momentum in the back-swing. Draw club to front inline with the shoulder, not to the center of the body.
Get At It – it’s hip to be square.

Basic Calisthenic Warm Up
5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Baby Pose
1 Min Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge

Anyway Possible (any rep scheme that adds up to 50)
Rx Men 25lbs/Women 20lbs
50 2Hand Front Swings

Beginner/Intermediate Workout
50 2 Hand Front Strikes 25L & 25R, Rx Men 25lbs/Women 15lbs
Anyway Possible (in any order) No Time Cap but try to do the 25

Advanced Workout
For Time 14 Minute Cap, Rx Men 35lbs/Women 20lbs
100 2 Hand Gama Casts (shown above) 50L & 50R