Unconventional Workout: Front Swing and One Hand Halo Workout - Adex Original Adjustable Club

Owner of ADEX Club Don Giafardino showcases a workout utilizing a club front swing and a one-hand halo. In the video, Don is using an ADEX Adjustable Club that can be utilized with both exercises, and transitioned into a heavier or lighter weight.

During the front swing, keep the spine long and focus on loading the glutes and hamstrings during the hip hinge. It’s important to note that in this exercise we are utilizing a hip hinge and not a squat. During the swing, try to have your arms long and swing no higher than eye level.

With an ADEX Club you can adjust your weight during your rest period. If utilizing another club, have it handy to transition to and give yourself the appropriate amount of rest.

Once transitioned to the one hang halo, start in a ready position with the core braced. Drop the weight over your opposite shoulder and come back to your starting position with the elbow in a 90-degree angle.

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