Develop Core Stability and Strength Plus Work That 6 Pack with This Simple Exercise. Begin with a light club or mace to ‘feel’ the muscles working before you try heavier weights. Remember to keep shoulders pushed downward and a neutral spine, shoulders over hips, hips over knees. Turn slightly (about 30 degrees from center) while keeping the hips immobile and facing forward. Make sure that the rotation is in the thoracic (above the lower ribs) spine and not in the lumbar (small of the back) spine from keeping the hips facing forward, abdominals locked, and feet slightly less than shoulder width apart. An indicator of good form is not feeling any torquing in the knees – all motion is above the navel.

Work this into your routine by performing:
5 Sets of 10 reps in each direction daily with
30 secs of rest between sets.