The 2H Mill can be used by itself or broken up into it’s individual Progressive/Regressive Components, the 2H Side Swing + the 2H Crossbody Clean + The WoodChopper. If you are working on trying to get a 2H Mill, perform those exercises individually until you feel confident to string them all together. If you have a good 2H Mill, train only the 2H Mill for the desired set/rep or time scheme. If you have a 2H Mill but feel it can be better, regress into the progressive exercises, especially where you feel the isolated work needs to be done. Adex Clubs are Adjustable to 10 different weight settings ranging from 3.5 to 25lbs. Performing a routine such as this where many different weight clubs come into use makes Adex the Best Choice for Those who Take Their Club Training Seriously!

Basic Calisthenic Warm Up
5 Press Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Baby Pose
Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge

3 Sets X 20 Reps Each Side Mace 360’s 0r Club Halos

Beginner/Intermediate WorkOut
3X15 Side Swing per side
3X15 Side Swing to Side Clean per side
3X15 WoodChoppers
1X10 2H Mills per side (Intermediate ONLY)

8X15 2H Mills per side
6X12 WoodChoppers per side