Switching Gears and heading back into the Heavier Club and Mace Training. The workouts will have Numbered Titles to make easy reference to them. These next few weeks of workouts are going to be a combination of heavy, more complete body workouts with some new adaptations to keep the mind/body connection.

You can Perform This Workout with Single or Double Clubs. Follow along beginning with Today’s Club and Mace Training. Stay Safe – Be sure to keep good posture, shoulders pressed downward toward the rear pockets, and use a weight that is challenging yet still allowing for good form. Be sure your training area is clear and free of anything including other people and pets.

Train hard. Train Smart. This is a timed workout and can be used as a benchmark to test progress throughout the year – we will discuss this in a future workout blog post and why it is imperative to use consistent metrics when tracking athletic ability.

Please share these workouts with your friends or clients. Thanks!

Red – Everyone Follows
Orange – Beginners
Blue – Advanced

Equipment Needed;
1 or 2 clubs Matched Weight 20lbs Rx Adv/Int Men 12.5lbs Adv/Int Women
Mace 20lbs Adv/Int Men  15lbs Adv/Int Women

See the Exercises Here;

Front Swing

Front Swing to Clean

Rear Pendulum

Long Cycle 

360 Mace


Basic Warm Up
5 Push Ups or Press Ups
1 Min Elbow Plank
30 Sec Side Plank – Each Side
1 Min Yoga Child Pose
1 Min Downward Dog
30 Sec Back Bridge


10 Front Swings Single or Double Clubs
10 Front Swing to Cleans Single or Double Clubs
10 Mace Rear Pendulum Swings
Done for 5 Rounds Time Cap of 15 Minutes


10 Double Front Swings   Rx Weight Men@ 20lbs  Women @12.5lbs
10 Double Long Cycle
20 360’s  Rx Mace Weight Men @ 20lbs   Women @ 15lbs
Done for 6 Rounds Time Cap 19 MInutes