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Wildman 2 Hand Steel Club Program

Wildman 2 Hand Steel Club Program

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Used to train elite athletes and the Hollywood A-List, this program is highly adaptable, making it available to the absolute beginner who may have no experience with this type of dynamic weight training. This program represents the next step in the evolution of your clubbell training.

The Program offers:

  • 63 weeks of training, per Mark's minimum training recommendations
  • lifelong, self-paced, flexible training that grows with the athlete
  • rotational strength training to build a "Herculean" physique by following simple, scientific steps

Mark Wildman is a versatile athlete, and has been sharing his extensive knowledge with models, elite athletes, and performers for more than fifteen years. He is a highly respected instructor with a proven methodology, sought after on a global scale. 

Mark is passionate to share his training philosophy with you.

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